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Your home or business can always use some renovation to impress the neighbors or attract new business. Sealcoating will repair and protect your asphalt while adding the curb appeal that makes your home stand out!

Can your pavement survive another winter? Not sure? We need to talk today!

At D & B Asphalt Paving Corp, we pride ourselves on quality work at reasonable prices.

Even so, having a new driveway or parking lot installed is a serious investment.


What good does it do anyone to have it start to crack or fade just months down the road?

We have two words for you: asphalt sealing.

Sealing the deal

  • Adds a long-lasting black satin finish

  • Easier to clean than unprotected asphalt

  • Resists damage from water and oil

  • Won't fade after years of sun exposure

  • Extends life of asphalt by up to 300%

  • Looks neat and professional

Advantages of seal coating

Increase your homes curb appeal

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